A Lesson in Incident Response: Stack Exchange

Context For those that are not aware, or want some context, Stack Exchange’s network for StackOverflow.com was breached on May 5th-11th, 2019. They initially provided notice on their blog on May 16th They then posted an update today My Thoughts on the Events I find it fascinating to see how the security operations of other […]

ADFS 2016/2019 Extranet Smart Lockout Logging

Here is a quick cheat sheet on enabling the necessary logging components for Extranet Smart Lockout and Troubleshooting ADFS Events.   ADFS Tracing/Debug Logging 123456789#Enable AD FS Tracing/Debug Log $logname = "AD FS Tracing/Debug" #Verify if it’s enabled or not Get-WinEvent -ListLog $logname | fl IsEnabled #Get the log object $log = New-Object System.Diagnostics.Eventing.Reader.EventLogConfiguration $logname […]

Scaling Performance with Drupal on a Budget

The Project So this was a pretty interesting project. There was an existing application that exceeded the technical boundaries of it’s current hosting platform. In order to have the application work within those boundaries it needed to be rewritten from the ground up as a lot of technical debt had accrued. The goal was to […]