Beyond the First Post

With high hopes, I started this blog in order to contribute back to the many communities that have helped me along the way of building really interesting solutions for unique problems. My first post Scaling Performance with Drupal on a Budget, was my initial foray into this project. Since this post, I have made many revisions and ultimately have gone a different direction with the solution. I am working on writing up a new article to address the issues encountered with this solution and should be publishing in the next few days on what issues were encountered and why I went a different direction to great benefit of the system. This should also pave the path for a few extra posts as some really neat solutions were put in place to solve very common issues when deploying and managing an application during it’s lifecycle. I’m very excited to share the obstacles I ran into and the how they were overcome and if I am able to help even one person, by saving them the hours of research and experimentation to reach a solution or improve existing workflows, then it is time well spent.

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